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Heron Replacement tapes with Probe

for dipper-T, Little Dipper, Skinny Dipper, Water Tape, H.OIL, and Sm.OIL Water Level and Oil/Water Interface Meters   



Water level and oil/water interface meter tapes and probes sometimes wear out, break off, or are lost down wells.   Heron replacement tapes with probe may be ordered for dipper-T, Little Dipper, and Water Tape water level meters.  

The standard water level tapes are jacketed in polyethylene, while the oil/water interface tapes are jacketed with hydrocarbon resistant Kynar.   The tapes are marked in feet and 1/00th-foot intervals (or optionally, meters and millimeters on metric tapes), with the following exceptions.   Water Tapes are marked at one-foot intervals (or optionally, every 10 centimeters on metric tapes).   Skinny Dipper tapes are only available in feet and decimal fractions.

Heron tapes are extremely durable and will take tensile loads up to 500 pounds (or 225 kilograms) before breaking.   The tapes are constructed with a steel tape center and stainless steel conductors.

Heron provides replacement tapes (with attached end probe) for users of Heron Instruments water level and oil/water infterface meters.  


Heron dipper-T Replacement Tapes with Probe

Heron dipper-T water level meter
water level meter
Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
50 ft/15 m
2.5 lb
100 ft/30 m
3.0 lb

150 ft/45 m

3.5 lb


200 ft/60 m
4.0 lb
300 ft/100 m
5.0 lb
400 ft/120 m
6.0 lb
500 ft/150 m
7.0 lb
600 ft/180 m
8.0 lb
750 ft/200 m
11.0 lb
1,000 ft/300 m
15.0 lb
1,500 ft/450 m
2,000 ft/600 m
2,500 ft/750 m
3,000 ft/900 m
3,500 ft/1,100 m
20.0 lb
25.0 lb
30.0 lb
35.0 lb
40.0 lb

Little Dipper
water level meter

Heron Little Dipper Replacement Tape with Probe

Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
75 ft/22 m 2.5 lb $314.00

Water Tape
water level meter

Heron Water Tape Replacement Tape with Probe

Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
100 ft/30 m
150 ft/45 m
200 ft/60 m
300 ft/100 m
4.0 lb
5.0 lb
7.0 lb
9.0 lb
500 ft/150 m
750 ft/200 m
1,000 ft/300 m
1,500 ft/450 m
12.0 lb
14.0 lb
17.0 lb
25.0 lb

H.OIL oil/water
interface meter


Heron H.OIL Replacement Tape with Probe

Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
50 ft/15 m 5.5 lb $395.00
100 ft/30 m 7.5 lb $516.00
150 ft/45 m 8.5 lb $636.00
200 ft/60 m 10.0 lb $757.00
300 ft/100 m 15.5 lb $878.00

Sm.OIL oil/water
interface meter


Heron Sm.OIL Replacement Tape with Probe

Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
  60 ft/20 m 3.0 lb $419.00

Skinny Dipper
water level meter


Heron Skinny Dipper Replacement Tape with Probe

Cable Length Shipping Weight Price
  100 ft
200 ft
300 ft
500 ft
3.0 lb
4.0 lb
5.0 lb
8.0 lb


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