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Heron Water level meters, interface probes; Golden Software including Surfer, Grapher, Strater, and Voxler are available from Geologic Resources.   For some free resources, please check our "Free Stuff Page".   We strive to satisfy our customers by providing excellent resources at reasonable prices and have very consumer protective policies.    Specific resources can be found on our keyword site search page or on our GeoInfo keyword search page



  Heron Instruments - Water-level meters, interface probes, a transducer/data-logger water level measurement system, and the new Conductivity Plus water level and temperature meter.  


  Golden Software, Inc. - Software for contouring, graphing, digitizing, gridding, plotting, mapping, imaging and other map and image-related tasks.   Includes Surfer 11, Strater 3, Grapher 9, Voxler 3, Didger, and Mapviewer software packages.
      Eno Scientific - Sonic water level meters, flow meters, and data loggers..   These instruments do not require equipment to reach down wells and boreholes and avoids contamination of measuring probes..   

    Brunton Pocket Transits/Compasses


Brunton Products - Including the famous "Brunton Pocket Transit and other navigational, surveying, and recreational resources.  


Field Equipment and Supplies - Including drilling rigs, direct push equipment, surveying equipment, hand lenses, geology picks, and many other items necessary to geoprofessionals.  


Field Instruments - Including groundwater measuring instruments, pumps, geophysical instruments, water quality testing equipment, and many other items necessary during field investigations.  


Fossils, Rocks, Minerals, and Lab Supplies - Providers of fossils, minerals, and lab supplies for geoprofessionals including public and educational institutions  


Geolab Equipment and Supplies - Sample splitters, rock saws, microcopes, stereoscopes, rock tumblers and polishing kits.   Earth science teaching aids including models, and rock, mineral, and fossil specimens.


Soil, Water, Waste, and Minerals Analysis - Analytical laboratories and environmental contractors that sample, monitor, and analyze various substances for characterization, exploration, assay, or monitoring purposes.  


Petroleum Exploration Equipment and Contractors - Including drill rigs, offshore services, geophysical contractors, geophysical instruments, and oilfield services contractors.  


Mining Equipment - Drill rigs, geology mapping gear, rock picks, surface mining equipment, underground mining equipment, mine safety equipment, surveying instruments, prospecting equipment.  
    Network Solutions® - We are now an affiliate of Network Solutions where you can get your site on the web, keep your site safe, get shopping carts, additional domain names and much more.  


Mapping Resources - Including USGS map database, online topographic map databases, free gridding and mapping software, and GPS navigation systems.  


Scientific Equipment and Supplies - For educators, researchers, and hobbyists.   Include materials for biology, physics, physical science, chemistry, chemistry, and environmental science.   Science kits and unique science gifts.  
      Online Tools 


  Online Tools - There are a lot of handy online gizmos including calculators, unit conversion calculators, language translators, and other neat stuff.   Here we present some that we use on a regular basis.




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