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Science Equipment and Supplies, Mapping Resources, Books, and Computers for Geoprofessionals

Many resources are available at our online shopping mall where we provide a few of our favorite links to other web sites that provide resources, both geologic and non-geologic.   Also included here are links to sites that provide discount merchandise, books, laboratory equipment, computer supplies, scientific and educational resources.    We are  an associate of Amazon.com.


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Scientific Gifts  - Links to Sites on the web that offer neat scientific gifts and gift ideas.   It is often difficult to find that truly unique gift.  

contouring software

contouring software

Mapping Resources - Including topographic maps, USGS map database, free gridding and mapping software, and GPS navigation systems.

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Books - We are also an affiliate of BARNES&NOBLE.com.   We also have links to professional, bargain, used, and online books at PaleoPublications, 2Neat Books, and the Online Books Page of the University of Pennsylvania..  



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Geologic Resources Computer Store - Shop online for computers and periferals.  
  oil water interfaceoil water interface


Resources for Geoprofessionals - including water level and oil/water interface meters by Heron, Golden Software (Surfer, Grapher, Strater, Didger, and Mapviewer), and Breeze air dispersion and hazard assessment software.



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  Amazon - We are an associate of Amazon where books, computers, computing equipment, and software are available along with other resources that you may be looking for.







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