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  Networking for Geoscientists, Engineers, and Related Professionals

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In our professional lives it is often very productive to network with others in the same specialty, or possibly other specialties....     whether you are involved with a project, research....   or even for job hunting.   If you are interested in being contacted for business, research, job hunting, or another reason, please leave your critical details here and we will post the URL and/or Email addresses to facilitate networking!   If you give us a URL, we will hyperlink your company or name to make access to you easy.    This database has grown!   In order to make it more useful, we've broken it into categories.   If we incorrectly categorize you or your firm, please let us know how you would like it changed.    Again, this is intended to be a resource for geoscientists, engineers, and related environmental workers, researchers, and students.   We won't add information for totally unrelated resources.     Communications are a big way of increasing interaction.  

Exchanging links is another networking activity.  If you are interested in exchanging links with us, go to our link exchange page.   ...and, for busy professionals, here are our suggestions for "getting it done".  

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Environmental and Engineering Consultants Consultants and Consulting Companies specializing in environmental investigations, remediation, and related activities
Specialty Consultants Consultants in specialties including geophysics, remote sensing, geochemistry, risk assessment, modeling, and other related areas.
Mining & Petroleum Exploration and Development Consultants and Companies specializing in mining and petroleum exploration and development.
Water Supply Exploration and Development Consultants and Companies specializing in water supply exploration and development.
Multi-Disciplinary Consultants Consultants and Companies specializing in a number of environmental, engineering, and geotechnical areas.
Geologic, Engineering, and Environmental Organizations Organizations involving general or regional geology, engineering, or environmental activities.
Individual Geoscientists, Engineers, and Other related professionals Individual geoscientists, engineers, and related professionals interested with networking.





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