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Groundwater Depth Measurement 

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Groundwater Depth Measurement and Heron Water-Level Meters  

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Groundwater depth measurement, especially in monitoring wells is accomplished by several means.  The method used is generally determined by accuracy requirements and if relatively rapid measurements are desired.   Drillers often make an initial measurement with a "plopper" on the end of a length of twine or measuring tape.   Knots in the twine may indicate approximate depth intervals.   More accurate measurements have been collected by professionals using a chalked steel tape.   The end of the steel tape is covered by chalk and lowered until the bottom part of the tape is wet by water and the chalk changes color.   Blue "carpenter's marking chalk" is commonly used for the chalk.   The color change is from light blue to dark blue when the chalk is wet.   This method can be accurate, but it is slow.

Accurate measurements can be collected more rapidly with an electronic water level meter (or water level indicator).   Our product line includes Heron Instruments, Inc. products, manufacturers of an excellent line of water level and oil/water interface meters.   Water level and oil/water interface meters by Heron are durable, accurate, and reliable.   Heron Instruments may be ordered from this site by several means including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.   Some small-diameter well solutions are explored on our "Small-Diameter Well Quandry Page."

  dipper-T Water-Level Meter. The Heron dipper-T Water Level Meter is a top of the line instrument providing exceptional value. Click here for more information.
  Little Dipper Water-Level Indicator. The small size and light weight of the little dipper make it the ideal instrument for "carry in" sites, shallow wells and direct push equipment. Click here for more information.
  H.01L Oil/Water Interface Probe. The H.O1L oil/water interface probe is used to accurately measure the thickness of floating product (LNAPL) above the water table or dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) below groundwater.  Click here for more information.
    Heron Sm.OIL oil/water interface meters/probes
  Sm.OIL A Small Interface Meter. The Sm.OIL Interface Meter fills the requirement for a SMALL low cost high quality interface meter for use in shallow monitoring wells. Click here for more information.
    Water Tape Water-Level Meter/Indicator. The Water Tape is a rugged instrument designed primarily for use by drilling contractors.  Click here for more information, pricing, and ordering.  

Groundwater Temperature and Level Meter.   The Heron dipper-T equipped with a groundwater temperature option is constructed to the same high standards as the dipper-T.   Click here for more information, pricing, and ordering details.



Dipper-log. The HERON dipper-log is a low cost single-channel data logger for making numerous rapid water level and temperature measurements in wells, boreholes, and open bodies of water. Click here for more information, pricing, and ordering.  


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