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dipper-log Data Logger
for making water level and temperature measurements

by Heron Instruments, Inc.

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Dipper-Log Water Level and Temperature Logger:

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The Heron dipper-log data logger is a low cost single-channel data logger for making a programmed sequence of water level and temperature measurements in wells, boreholes, and open bodies of water.   The small-diameter allows the dipper-log to be used in wells with an inside diameter as small as 3/4-inch (20 mm).   The dipper-log now comes in a cable-free version that is ideal for long term well monitoring and for use in surface water monitoring.   The dipper-log has features found in more costly instruments.   The dipper-log specifications include:

  • Stores up to 16,000 readings
  • Upload to a PC using Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Programmable time, interval, and prestart date
  • Accurate to 0.1% full scale
  • 0.72-inch (18.5 mm) diameter by 6-inch (155 mm) long
  • Can be accessed remotely with a Heron Dipper Wave wireless system
  • Various depth ranges
  • Easy to replace camera-style battery
  • Unvented, small-diameter cable
  • Direct read from top of well
  • Designed and built in North America by Heron Instruments
  • 3-year limited warranty

The dipper-log is ideal for collecting rapid water-level versus time measurements for slug tests and pumping tests.

The dipper-log can be operated in all modes using a portable PC.   The portable PC is a convenient tool that can launch the dipper-log and download the data for transfer to your main computer.  

The data settings and downloads can be viewed on the PC screen, and realtime readings taken with the wellhead (direct read) readout dipper-log.   The PC supplied by Heron Instruments includes the software to operate the dipper-logs.

The memory capacity allows for the storage of 16 fully loaded loggers at 16,000 readings each or a total of 256,000 readings from more than 16 loggers.   The PC is housed in a rugged convenient sized weatherproof housing that allows full operation of the unit under demanding field conditions.

Heron Dipper Wave Wireless Communication System:

The Dipper Wave system enables you to wirelessly connect to your Dipper Log dataloggers without cables and base stations.   Through the use of a transmitter and receiver, it allows you to access data with your laptop in difficult to access areas and connect up to 250 Dipper Logs in a 1 km radius.   If you are interested in wireless communication with one or more recording Dipper Logs, please click here for information and pricing..

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dipper-log Prices

dipper-log on a reel


Item No.


dipper-log (wellhead readout version) with 50 ft/15 m of downhole cable, software, and PC cable.


dipper-log on a reel with 50 ft/15 m of downhole cable, reel, software, and PC cable.


dipper-log (submersible) with 50 ft/15m of jacketed s/s suspension wire, software, and PC cable




Barometric Pressure Logger (Bar-log) for barometric compensation


  PC Interface cable 5009 $75.00

direct read dipper-log


Accessories include:                                                                            Item No.      Price

- tapNtell surface mount display..................................................          5020      $475.00       

- dipper-log (B*, C*, D*, or E* versions without cable or reel).....    DL-7      $450.00          

- Extra cable (for wellhead readout logger)......................................   DL-9       $1/ft                                                                                                                                              
- Extra jacketed downhole s/s suspension wire 
  (for submersible logger) at $0.33/ft or $1.00/m..............................   DL-10     $0.33/ft      

:   dipper-log versions indicate the maximum depth of water that each version is designed for.    dipper-log B is 30 ft/10 m,  dipper-log c is 100 ft/30 m, dipper-log D is 200 ft/60 m, and dipper-log E is 400 ft/120 m.



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