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    We at Geologic Resources are fascinated by dinosaurs and since they no longer exist, have collected some pictures of reconstructed dinosaurs.   The period of time (Geologic Time) known as the "Age of the Dinosaurs" was during the geologic Mesozoic Era which has been dated as from about 65 to 248 million years ago (USGS).   Mesozoic time has been divided into three major periods:   the first was named the Triassic Period, the second the Jurassic Period, and the third the Cretaceous Period.   The Mesozoic Era was brought to a close by an episode of widespread diastrophism (mountain building and earth movement) known as the Laramian Revolution.   The close of the Mesozoic Era has been called the "great dying out" because dinosaurs and many other life forms ceased to exist after this time (Stovall, et al, 1955).   
    Stegasaurus Dinosaur (statue)
Stegosaurus (statue) along the "Timescape Trail" at the EcoTarium" (natural history museum), Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.   Photo by Flo Bruehl, 7/4/03.

Diplodocus Carnegii Dinosaur (statue)
Diplodocus Carnegii (statue) in front of the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   This species of dinosaur is estimated to have been present 150 million years ago.   Replicas of this species are present in nine museums around the world.   The original reconstruction stands in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's renowned Dinosaur Hall.   Photo by Flo Bruehl, October 2003.

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If you're looking for resources for geoprofessionals try our Resources Page.   Or if you're looking for books, computers, software and electronics try our Amazon Affiliate Store.   Much of the background information about dinosaurs was obtained at the website Enchanted Learning.   Welcome to Dinosaur State Park is a website for Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, Connecticut.



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